Friday, December 21, 2012

#FF Foreign Films, Elf and more...

As many cinephiles know, many of the best films each year come from filmmakers outside of the Hollywood system. One of the best resources for foreign films is Bonjour Tristesse, a site that is dedicated to highlighting foreign, indie and cult cinema. Check out Bonjour Tristesse's list of 2012's best foreign films, among other great reads from this week:

Just in time for the Oscar Foreign Film shortlist, check out the Best Foreign Films of 2012, according to Bonjour Tristesse. If you're interested in indie, foreign and cult cinema, this is a great blog to follow.

For his "Favourite Scene Friday", Robert highlights an adorable scene from Elf.

Dan reviews Margaret and finds many things to like in this messy film.

Nikhat is celebrating the 3rd year of her blog with many cool posts. Check out her Favourite Looking Films.

Nick has announced his first annual Golden Katz Awards. Head over to his site and give him some suggestions!

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