Monday, July 9, 2012

MOVIE OF THE WEEK: The Amazing Spider-Man

After much concern over the validity of a reboot, I decided to catch “The Amazing Spider-Man” on opening day and you know what? I really enjoyed it. First off, let me make this clear. This film is a love story more than an action film. It’s clear that Marc Webb was more interested in the romantic and emotional aspects of the story. The action scenes felt tagged on to appease the masses. Who can blame him though, as Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone had dynamite chemistry together. Andrew Garfield is totally believable as a teenager and Emma Stone is as affable as ever. In addition to the romantic aspects, they both get to display their considerable comedic talents. I expected it from Stone, but Garfield was a pleasant surprise. When the two are not on screen, the film just seems like another routine summer blockbuster. Their acting is so captivating that it immediately made me respect the film more. Sally Field also does well as Aunt May, bringing a lot of genuine warmth to the role. As a result of the solid acting, the film had a surprisingly strong emotional pull, which is quite rare in typical comic book films.So, do I think this reboot was successful? I think if you are expecting a groundbreaking, dark interpretation (which they claimed it would be, but it really isn’t) then you may be disappointed. However, if you are a romantic like me, I think you would appreciate this film.


  1. I keep reading about this great chemistry between Stone and Garfield, this probably will be the only reason why I'll catch this on DVD.

  2. I like the idea that it revolves more around the relationships than the actual action. Though Spidey does need some badass web-slinging, his relationship with Gwen Stacey - before what happened to her - was always something I liked in the comics, and it seems that is built upon here, which is nice.