Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Nathaniel gave me a nice treat this week on Hit me with your best shot, as he chose "Road To Perdition" for this edition. This beautiful film is one of my all-time favourites. It tells such a rich story, covering themes of loyalty, betrayal, innocence, family and love. The film has a gorgeous score, fantastic acting and suitably for this exercise - Oscar-winning cinematography. On this viewing of the film, I was really captivated by the Tyler Hoechlin's performance as the son of hitman Michael Sullivan (played by Tom Hanks). Much of the film's success rides on his ability to nail the emotions and he certainly rose to the challenge. He portrays a remarkable sense of inner confidence, while simultaneously expressing his vulnerability in dangerous situations. Aside from that, what really hits it home for me is the love for his father so evidently displayed in his face. My favourite shot therefore captures this wonderful father-son relationship.

Click below for my favourite shot...

My favourite shot is from a late stage in the film. Michael Sullivan Sr. has some final unfinished business to deal with. As he returns from his last redemptive hit, we see him returning to be reunited with his son. It's such a great shot as it really captures the emotions of the moment. Head bowed, Hanks is weighed down by guilt but ultimately feels a sense of relief as his son is now safe. On the other side of the wall, his son waits nervously for father, unsure of whether he will return alive. His bags are packed though and we know he has great confidence in his father, so he is hopeful. In the following scene, they come together in a loving embrace that truly touches your heart.

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