Friday, December 13, 2013

#FF Making the Case for blogathon, reviews and more...

With the awards season fully upon us, Stevee hosted another "Making the Case for..." blogathon to champion some unsung performances, directors etc. She received some great entries and I've included some of them below. Check out those posts along with the other great reads from the past week:

Josh couldn't settle for only one pick, so he made a case for "everything".

Nikhat made the case for a phenomenal young actor Tye Sheridan.

Clayton reviewed A Letter to Momo, likening it to a mix of Ozu and Miyazaki.

Jesse from Movie Mezzanine looks back fondly on Woody Allen's Annie Hall for their "History of Film" series.

Nick wrote an amusing post about hypothetical Actor vs. Actor Showdowns.

Ryan reviewed Dirty Wars and highlighted some of its main issues.

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