Wednesday, September 19, 2012

OLDIE GOLDIES: The Third Man (1949)

This week's pick for Oldie Goldies is the classic film noir "The Third Man". This film is a refreshing take on the genre, as the lively music removes some of the usual brooding seriousness. A good film noir depends on a compelling mystery and this movie is certainly up to the task. The film received 3 Oscar nominations (Best Director, Best Editing and Best Cinematography, which it won).

Classic Quote
"In Switzerland, they had brotherly love, and
they had 500 years of democracy and peace.
And what did that produce? The cuckoo

Classic Scene
"The Cuckoo Clock Speech" 

  Classic Character
Harry Lime (Orson Welles)

  The Third Man by Anton Karas on Grooveshark
Classic Music

Did you know?
Through the years there was occasional speculation that Welles, rather than Reed, was the de facto director of The Third Man.


  1. One of my favorites. I actually don't think Welles had anything to do with the direction. I've seen enough Carol Reed movies, that I know the guys had the chops to do it.

    1. This movie is great! Yeh that rumour was disproved, but the poor guy had to deal with that for quite a while.

  2. I hadn't heard of this, and it definitely sounds worth seeing. Thanks!

    1. A lot of critics say this is the best British film ever made! You should definitely check it out.