Wednesday, September 26, 2012

OLDIE GOLDIES: Rope (1948)

This week on Oldie Goldies, I highlight one of the underrated gems from the Hitchcock collection - "Rope". This chilly film grabs you from the first scene. It's so sadistic, even by Hitchcock's standards! To me, the lead perpetrator seemed like a symbol of Hitchcock's sick sense of humour.

Classic Quote
"Of course, he was a Harvard graduate. That might be grounds for justifiable homicide."

Classic Scene

Classic Characters
Brandon Shaw (John Dall)

Phillip Morgan (Farley Granger)

Did you know?
The walls of the set were on rollers and could silently be moved out of the way to make way for the camera and then replaced when they were to come back into shot.


  1. I saw this film a few weeks ago and loved it. It was so tense and well acted and loved the backdrop.

    1. Yep it's so well made. The production details on this film's wiki page are so fascinating.

    2. They are, I remember giving them a good read before writing my review.

  2. This is one of my very favorite Hitchcock films. I might have to give it yet another visit. :)

  3. Love this movie, Hitch really messes with our sense of morality by showing the grisly act at the beginning yet still somehow having us root for the killers.