Sunday, December 14, 2014

REVIEW: The Dark Valley

A dark silhouette traverses a mountainous landscape. It’s a lone rider of unknown origin, but the upbeat music immediately lets you know that he’s someone important. His face is soon revealed as he approaches a little Austrian town tucked into the valley between these hills, ready to set the plot into motion.

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  1. Hey there Shane! I've been searching for reviews of this film and came across yours. I read it in full at the other site but I thought I left my comment here. Having just seen it last night, I was simply blown away by it. I'm not even a Western fan but my goodness was this flick breathtakingly beautiful! I LOVE Sam Riley as the strong-silent-type hero, he's absolutely believable and like you said, he's 'as cool as ice in the role' and can be vulnerable AND scary at the same time. Thanks for this review, wish more people would watch this film! Bummed that it wasn't nominated for Oscar Best Language Film.