Wednesday, April 30, 2014

20 Most Anticipated Performances of 2014

Yes, we're well into 2014 already but as we all know from the Oscars, nothing of note gets released before May right? Jokes aside, I like to post this list around this time since we have a bit more info (images, casting news, trailers etc.) about the upcoming film year than we do in January (and partially for the Oscar reason too, I can't help it). Looking ahead, there are a number of acting performances that seem like they could be very exciting. So here they are, my Top 20 Most Anticipated Acting Performances of 2014:

20. Gael Garcia Bernal in The Ardor
Freshly announced at Cannes, this role sounds enticing.

19. Tommy Lee Jones in The Homesman
The character looks promising from the trailer, almost Coens-esque.

18. Cate Blanchett in Carol
Todd Haynes films tend to have great female roles and Blanchett has top billing.

17. Chadwick Boseman in Get On Up
James Brown was so eccentric, this character is bound to be interesting.

16. Guy Pearce in The Rover
He looks so intense in the trailers and he flourishes in that zone.

15. Hilary Swank in The Homesman
Sorry haters, I love me some Hilary Swank and she looked impressive in the trailer.

14. Mia Wasikowska in Tracks
Can't wait to see her in this strong role, acting in her natural accent!

13. Jack O'Connell in Unbroken
Watch out for this rising star.

12. Bryan Cranston in Godzilla
I love his fierce commitment to the emotions of the role.

11. Bradley Cooper in Serena
He continues to impress me and I'm hoping for more of the same here.

10. Johnny Depp in Into The Woods
Sure, the casting is obvious but it's also kinda perfect.

9. Meryl Streep in Into The Woods
Great role, great actress.

8. Jessica Chastain in Eleanor Rigby
A fascinating concept that should allow her to really stretch herself.

7. Michael Fassbender in Macbeth
Fassbender as Macbeth seems like such a colossal prospect.

6. Marion Cotillard in Macbeth
Cotillard always makes a great femme fatale (see "Inception", "A Very Long Engagement").

5. Gael Garcia Bernal in Rosewater
Great role, great actor.

4. Angelina Jolie in Maleficent
Angelina playing an iconic badass villain? #werk

3. Jennifer Lawrence in Serena
A juicy role that should show off her considerable dramatic chops.

2. Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl
FINALLY she gets a starring role befitting her talent.

1. Steve Carell in Foxcatcher
He's proven his skill in drama before and this role sounds amazing.


  1. No Michael Keaton in Birdman?

    But yay Rosamund Pike!

    1. I'm looking forward to Keaton too. He just missed the cut.

  2. I'm excited for most of these too. I'd add Stone and Norton for Birdman as well as the entire cast of Boyhood, but most especially the lead (who literally grows up on screen) and Gleeson for Calvary.

    From the script, Depp has one scene...and I have a feeling we won't see Carol or Macbeth this year, but if we do then Blanchett and Cotillard would be my #1 and #2 most anticipated of the year!

    1. Norton and Coltrane just missed my list.

      Still crossing my fingers for 'Macbeth'. I have a feeling it will get one of those limited "qualifying runs".

  3. Great list! A few of these movies weren't on my radar so I'm glad they are now. I love that Carrell is your #1. I cannot wait to see Foxcatcher.. it was one of my most anticipated movies of 2013. I'm also really excited to see Pike in a quality role along with the rest of the eccentric casting choices Fincher has in Gone Girl.

    1. Thanks!

      I'm so anxious to see Foxcatcher and Gone Girl too.

  4. I kept scrolling down thinking, “Oh, man, where’s Steve Car--”

    So glad he hit the top spot; I’m really looking forward to that film. So many other great future roles on here as well. I’m pumped for Macbeth.