Friday, November 23, 2012

BLOGATHON: My Movie Alphabet

A few weeks ago Mettel Ray wrote a celebration for her 400th blog post that spawned an unexpected blogathon - My Movie Alphabet. After seeing so many bloggers participating, I just had to join in on the fun. Read below for my entry:

101 Dalmatians
My family loves this movie so much, we named our dogs Pongo and Perdita. They aren't even Dalmatians!

Al Pacino
His performance in Dog Day Afternoon slayed me.

This movie had me rolling in the cinema.

Christopher Nolan
What a flawless filmography and his movies aren't just good, they're great!

Dustin Hoffman
Easily one of the best actors of all time.

Emma Stone
She's beautiful, funny and talented.

Finding Neverland
I love the story, the cast and the wonderful music.

Gene Hackman
This dude never disappoints!

Hans Zimmer
Composed some of my all-time favourite scores (Inception, The Dark Knight, The Lion King).

An unforgettable cinematic experience.

Joe Wright
I'm a huge fan of all his films(The Soloist doesn't exist).

Kate Winslet
Titanic made me a fan for life.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Titanic made me a fan for life.

Meryl Streep

Netflix is the reason I got introduced to foreign and arthouse cinema. I will be forever grateful.

I love everything about them - speeches, campaigning and the awards themselves.

Penélope Cruz
She practically melts the screen with her presence.

Quentin Tarantino
This guy loves movies so much, it's a wonder he hasn't exploded from euphoria.

Roger Ebert
He's always one of the first reviews I read and we have similar taste.

Sidney Lumet
12 Angry Men and Dog Day Afternoon are PERFECTION!

I'm a huge trailer junkie, I sometimes watch the same one on repeat.

Clint Eastwood made some of my favourite films, Unforgiven is one of his best.

Remember when you had to rewind your tapes? Remember when you had to "track" your VCR when the image got fuzzy? Ahh, memories.

Will Smith
I idolized him as a kid. Will Smith was da man!

They were always my favourite comics and I love the films too.

Young Adult
If I didn't watch this movie so late, it would have probably made my Top 10 for 2011. This movie rocks!

I find this movie freakin' hilarious.


  1. Awesome list. ZOOLANDER!!!! Will Smith should get his career on track.

    1. That walk-off. That gasoline fight. There's no other choice for "Z".

      I'm about ready to give up on Will. Seems like his main goal is to make a sequel to every big movie he's made in the past.

  2. Great list. Love that you love 'Finding Neverland'. That movie has me in tears in the first twenty minutes and by the time I finish it I'm a dried up husk with no tears left to shed.

    1. Thanks! Not gonna lie, 'Finding Neverland' gets me teary-eyed too.

  3. Wow, great list man, the same with Oscars, Quentin and Meryl.

    Very original about VHS, haha : )

  4. Love this list. I was very close to putting the Oscars as my O pick as well, but I decided to stick with actors, directors, films, and soundtracks. Oh well. It's a great pick. :)

    1. Thanks Josh. I figured I should mix it up a bit, so that we all don't have the same stuff.

  5. Great list! I'm glad someone included Roger Ebert.