Thursday, January 19, 2012

OSCAR WATCH: The Descendants

Alexander Payne’s “The Descendants” is a heartbreakingly intimate family drama. In his 6th feature film, Payne once again brings sincere humanity to his characters. These characters are brought to life by a wonderful ensemble cast, lead by George Clooney. They deliver the dialogue of this great screenplay with naturalistic panache (even when the kids are cursing like sailors). The only issue I have is with the editing, as I thought there was a lot of “dead air” throughout the film. This minor weakness however, does not take away from overall high quality of the other aspects of the production. Come Tuesday January 24th, you can expect this film to be called out in the major categories for Oscar nominations. Based on the precursor awards, the film is the main challenger to "The Artist" for Best Picture and Clooney is the prime contender for victory in Best Actor. Additionally, the film is a frontrunner for Best Adapted Screenplay and will surely be nominated for Best Director. Shailene Woodley is also a strong possibility for a nod in Best Supporting Actress.


  1. Clooney and everybody else included is great but it’s really Payne who shines as the writer bringing out some funny humor but not without forgetting about the real rich moments of human drama. Good review. A good film but not as great as I was expecting.

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