Monday, August 22, 2011

OSCAR WATCH: Midnight In Paris

I finally caught up with "Midnight In Paris" and I am glad to see that Woody is back to his usual witty self (after the atrocity that was "You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger"). The film was very charming and definitely possessed that extra Woody Allen quirkiness to it. The film was well-cast, with Owen Wilson fitting well into the lead role. I also thought Rachel McAdams did a good job and I loved seeing Adrien Brody hamming it up as Salvador Dali. In terms of its Oscar chances, I can really only foresee a nomination for Best Original Screenplay. The Academy loves Woody and this film really showcases his excellent writing skills. He really is one of the best scripters of romantic comedies. The film is doing well with audiences and critics alike, but I personally felt it was a bit too light to merit a Best Picture nomination. I think it would have been a virtual lock under the old 10-nominee system, but I can't see it getting those 1st place votes required by the new rules. I'm no expert though, as I was way off the mark with "Winter's Bone" last year (it ended up with 4 nominations!).


  1. Don´t know either if it is Oscar material, but I absolutely loved it. It had a magical feeling where you can just dream away with the main character. All the quircky artists only added to the enjoyment of this.