Friday, December 7, 2012

#FF Positive Cinephilia, Failed feminism and more...

This was really a bumper week for blog reading, as I found so many amazing posts around the blogosphere. Chief among those was the engaging discussion about the nature of film criticism in the digital age. Building from a twitter discussion, Jessica and Ryan did some great posts about challenging the cynicism that seems amplified by the various outlets for judgement of movie quality. Check below for these discussions among other truly fascinating posts from the past week:

Jessica wonders where all this negativity is coming from, with a post titled "Where are all the film fans gone? And where did those miserable flaw spotters come from?".

In a very encouraging post, Ryan implores us to celebrate the things we love in films, rather than dwelling on the flaws in films we don't like.

Candice was disappointed with Rust and Bone, addressing its failed attempt at feminism in her review.

The Vern did an amusing analysis of one of this year's most avant-garde films, explaining Holy Motors to a 7 year old.

The gang over at French Toast Sunday did a great podcast on "Films Based on Tv Shows". They had me geeking out from the early mention of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Dan explains why Anchorman is a movie that everyone should see, with a hilarious post that inspired equally hilarious comments.

John analyzed Oscar's shortlist for Best Documentary Feature and gives his predictions for the eventual nominee lineup.

Over at Anomalous Material, Nick is intrigued by the spiritual story of Life of Pi, calling it "A Modern Day Biblical Parable".

Alex finally got around to seeing and reviewing End of Watch and was mighty impressed.

Shawna and I went to see Lincoln this week and we both came out of it very impressed. Go read her thoughts on the film.

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