Thursday, January 14, 2016

CONTEST: The Results

After a topsy turvy precursor season, this year's Oscar nominations have finally been announced. And after the dust settled, we had one predictor emerging as the winner of the 2016 Film Actually Oscar Contest. It was another competitive year, as we all seem to be becoming more savvy with our prognosticating (it was definitely my best year for predictions). But of course, there could only be one winner.


Joseph Trusson of For Your Consideration

Joseph therefore wins the $50 Amazon gift card.

As I already mentioned, everyone seems to be getting better at predicting each year, so there was only one bonus prize to be awarded:

Andrew for predicting The Revenant in Best Costume Design.

As always, there were still a few nominations that stumped us all. This year it was Lenny Abrahamson (Room) for Best Director and "Manta Ray" (Racing Extinction) for Best Original Song. But otherwise, we had it all covered, including Star Wars: Force Awakens for Best Film Editing.

You can head over to the full spreadsheet to see how everyone fared.

So this concludes another year of the Film Actually Oscar Contest. I hope you had fun and look forward to hosting you all again next year!


  1. Congratulations! I can brag that I'm the only who got 5/5 for Foreign & Animated ;)

    1. I got 5/5 for Animated as well ;-)

  2. Hi. My blog address is actually, and is called For Your Consideration, and not Movie Awards Plus. Sorry to be pedantic, I would just like to plug my blog. Thanks again for the prize, it was much appreciated.