Saturday, January 5, 2013

CONTEST: See Who's Playing!

What a turnout! When I was planning this I was hoping for around 20 participants, so I'm very happy to see that we ended up with 26 players. I am definitely encouraged to make this an annual event and rest assured, it will be even bigger next year.

Check below the list for a reminder of what's up next in the contest. Thank you for interest and in the meantime, go visit some of these fine blogs!

Me! - Film Actually
Alex - Time for a film
Tony - Coogs Film Blog
Andrew K. - Encore's World of Film & TV
Amir - Amiresque
Vern - The Vern's Videovanguard
Shawna - SNG Movie Thoughts
Ryan - Lord of the Films
Lindsay - French Toast Sunday
David - Never Too Early Movie Predictions
Josh - The Cinematic Spectacle
Brian - The Soap Box Office
Stevee - Cinematic Paradox
Donovan - Movies and Other Things
James - The Gold Knight
Nika - The Running Reel
Andrew E. - A Fistul of Films
Joshua - The Film Minion
Samuel - Sam Watches Movies
John - John Likes Movies
Kevyn - The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World
Matt - Matt Awards
Clayton - Such Moving Pictures
Andrew & Sarah - Two Tickets For...
Tom - At The Back
Daniel Chicago Cinema Circuit

- Your predictions are due by 6PM EST on Jan 9th. They will then be posted here on a spreadsheet for everyone to see(including mine).
- Remember: once you have sent me the link, those will be entered as your FINAL predictions. No changes accepted.

Click here for a quick refresher of all the instructions.


  1. Now, what to predict? *scratches head* :)

  2. great! Probably I won't predict before final days. I've to see some of the movies, including Lincoln. The moment I watch them, I'll post the predictions.

    I won't miss the deadline, I promise :D

    1. Cool, I'll look out for your predictions. Don't worry, I won't let anyone miss the deadline haha.

  3. Thanks again for running the comp mate, a lot of fun and has encouraged me to write down predictions for ALL categories instead of just the major ones!

    Best of luck all :D

    1. No problem man. I can't wait to see the results.

  4. Any chance of extending the deadline to 9:00 EST? >_>

    Kind of running late on work stuff, etc.

    1. Ok, I'll let you slide. Try and get them in ASAP!